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Submitted on
January 17


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Because apparently it needs it. 
Stop harassing the admins, particularly realitysquared. Seriously. 
Yeah, you may be mad about it but knock it off. 
Going off and being a jerk to someone isn't going to solve the problem at all. So please, stop it. 
Don't spam his page and call him names. 
Sure, I don't really like him either but there's no reason to go apeshit at him. 
He's not going to give you the time of day, trust me. And if he does chances are you won't like what he has to say anyway.
There's other admins to talk to who would most likely be willing to actually listen and talk back. 

In light of that, the fact that an admin actually did come forth and display some interest in the subject [fourteenthstar] is kind of interesting, and according to her she'll be talking to the other side mods and staff about the situation with theft. You can read the conversation(s) with her here --… and share your own voice in the conversation as well. 
If you are really concerned with what is going on you can try to contact the admins and share your opinions CIVILLY with them. At this point some may be willing to listen. 

As far as my boycott goes I am still standing on it and even though I'm on here to post this I'm not coming back until the 17th of next month regardless. 
There is a reason I'm not asking others to do this boycott with me. I'd sooner give people the opportunity to choose for themselves rather than have someone banter them into participating in something that may very well be met with a moot point of conclusion. 

In light of the fact that Furaffinity has it's own demons to slay as far as drama goes I probably won't be active on there either. 
If you're looking for updates or anything I'll be on Tumblr and while I won't post art that often I'll be around. Commissions (as you can imagine) will not be reopened until after the 16th of February. I didn't foresee this coming when I posted the pricing list so, sorry about that. 

Again, stop posting hate and drama on that guy's page, it's not going to solve anything. It's one thing to express your views or even concerns about his way of running things but I've been told a lot of people are just being flat out mean and caustic toward him with insults and the like. 
You're slamming someone for not doing their job and yet you're going to toss insults at them as if you're going to seem the bigger person? Come on now, don't be like that? 
For the time being let the admins discuss what is going on. By now it's become a 'thing' and apparently it's enough to get some kind of recognition from them. I don't take any credit since I was merely reposting someone else's information and story. I am glad that there's some kind of response from the admins and staff, that's something promising. HOWEVER, I don't dare hold my breath because we've heard the schpeel before about policies being changed and fixed. 
I'll await the changes for when they're put into action rather than words. 

For now I'm going to enjoy some down time before I get back to work on art. I'm not looking at it as some kind of disappearing act but rather just time off until the storm subsides. Right now it seems dA and a few other places are having troubles and I while I said my piece on it I'm at peace with and just want to take some time off. 
Perhaps it was a little less clear that I was not mad, and I'm not. Disappointed greatly but not mad. There's not sense to be mad about it since it's to be expected. However, the way it has been handled is still not acceptable and that is what was the initial nail in the coffin for this leave of absence. Given that there's been contact (voluntary contact mind you) from a site staff member with actual concern and conversation, that gives me hope this isn't the end. But again, I'm not holding my breath. 

To those who chose to drown out the real reason for the upset with stating copyright law and all that. I am well aware of copyright law, I had to study it. This wasn't about just one law (even if dA should follow the law) it's about this site upholding it's own rules and regulations; copyright law included. So I am well aware that there's no proof positive way to stop this epidemic of theft on the internet. What I am not fond of is the fact an art website doesn't try harder to do just a bit more to deter theft of it's member's works from outside users. Not to mention the fact the way internal affairs of theft/tracing are dealt with. 
That was the main issues here. 

Lastly, I'm not the one whose work was stolen so please don't think that journal was my personal beef with the situation. I did state my opinion on the matter but that was all it was. While my work has been stolen more times than I can count or remember at this point, this wasn't about me. So please, I remind you that I was spreading the news of someone else's plight and situation. Not mine personally. 

That all said....
I wish you all luck, safety, and greatness. Good luck admins with keeping your word and also with making this place a better place to be a part of in the future. 
Take care guys, 

PS: any further contact (if you're interested) can be made via Tumblr if you have it, otherwise I'm sorry but I won't be checking back here for a while. So, if I don't answer I am sorry but now you know why. 
If you do contact me through Tumblr DON'T be a jerk and send me hate mail. It's not funny nor amusing.

Find me on Weasyl -- I will be more active there with new art as well as on Tumblr!

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MIZZKIE Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ugh. I've had enough of the all the drama YOU are causing.
You are a really popular artist with gazillion Watchers, so you should know that a portion of those gazillion Watchers include immature little children. Making rant Journal after rant Journal is only gonna make those immature kiddies go on a crusade to defend you and fight the "nasty villains".
You complain about so much drama on dA - which I honestly never have stumbled across - but don't you realise you're one to blame for it?

I love your gorgeous art, but I will have to uncheck your Journal box because this is becoming ridiculous.

And I hope you have a good time in Weasyl. :)
Take all the time you need to rest, and don't feel you have to come back to dA if it's stressing you too much.

*incoming rant*

I really wish children under the age of 16 get limited usage of the Internet because it's becoming a serious problem globally.
Immature kiddies do immature stuff, and other immature kiddies copy those annoying deeds, and then they become so many that the admins don't bother with them any more. And then the immature kiddies have it their way while the mature people - children and adults alike - have to suffer their annoying presence and destroyed peace.
With the Internet becoming more and more available to just about anybody who can communicate with words, kids who don't even know real life rules are invading sites everywhere to the point where there has got to be a restriction on what they can and can't do/write/post. What makes me mad is that usually the parents of these kids don't know or care about what their child is doing on the Internet because they know too little about Internet and computers, thinking it's just a upgraded version of a DS or something.
Call me a gnarly granny all you like, but when we ("we" as in people in their mid-20's and older), we didn't have mobile phones and Internet, and many of us had restrictions to video games. We played outside with real children and learned communication, manners, and rules with each other. We didn't have free access to the entire world where you can Google anything, get free pr0nz, call people names and not be scolded, stealing other people's hard work and claim it as yours or even worse, make money off it, etc etc.
Not saying kids should be banned from the Netz; just sayin' they should have a restriction and a careful eye from the parents about what they do, just like how when we were kids our parents made sure we were behaving and not spending too much time on video games etc. Also, SCHOOLS must teach the children FROM 1st GRADE how to use the Internet properly. Some of these kids' bad behaviours can be blamed on the lack of teaching from their adults and seniors.
Gravity618 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yikes dude, no need to be rude.
aleirs Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
The reason it's probably so awful here now is that the majority of users aren't taken seriously because of this exact issue. None can handle even the slightest bit of controversy with grace, and it is astounding.
Things might be a little different here if these kids could grow up a bit, and act as if they were online talking to strangers, and give a little respect and be decent, even when/if they;

a. Don't like the person.
b. Disagree with their opinions, or how they are handling things.
c. Think the person may have committed some type of theft.

It's not that hard to be a decent human being, but I guess because either many of these people's frontal lobes and brains in general are still developing in general, or just because they don't think before they act, they aren't taken as seriously by staff here, and in turn staff can get lazy, even negligent when it comes to tickets, as serious as they may be. 
Maybe if people could maturely state their opinions or concerns more often than childish remarks, and resorting to name calling, we'd get more done in less time, instead of all this. 

Nonetheless, it's good that you've brought it to the forefront, Kato. I've always respected you a great deal, as well as your level head. You have always managed to handle your issues with maturity; hopefully, people will take from your example, and we can get this site turned around.
Diretooth Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014
When comes a fandom comes a fan dumb.
DoctorCritical Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
 how come people are only learning of this through you, not of their own accord? Seems to me that people should research a topic on their own instead of being all like "NinjaKato said these guys were acting somewhat disagreeable, let's ABANDON THE FUCK OUT OF DA AND LEAVE VERY HURTFUL MESSAGES ON THIS ONE ADMIN'S PAGE" 

 come on guys. 
CrypticMachine Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014  Student General Artist
I don't blame you for taking a break from this site.All the art theft can be annoying...
that's not right 
ZombieQueen368 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014  Student Filmographer
He doesn't seem like a bad guy...? Really long messages on his page though XD
ZombieQueen368 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014  Student Filmographer
Did he steal art or something?
FlufferMcNutters Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014
(People have said that he traces, but I don't know) He's more or less a shitty admin. 
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