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July 16, 2013
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Old commission from March 2013

It's meant to be Connor (or rather Ratonhnhaké:ton) and Haytham Kenway...
And yes, they're canines.
The commissioner asked for them to be translated as such so it wasn't my idea... still, it was a fun thing to do :XD:
I'll admit.
If you don't like the concept or idea, then DON'T linger and complain. It's not my idea, it's a commission.
There IS blood but it's nothing you won't see on the Discovery channel.
No guts being ripped out or anything like that, just wounds and such. I didn't add too much on purpose lol
I worked too damn hard on their markings and such to cover it all up with blood and gashes :XD:
Ah hem!
If you can't guess at what point in the game's story line this scene is meant to represent, I'm not saying it, haha!
It should be obvious.
**That Posing -- The way it works is Haytham is pulling Ratonhnhaké:ton in for the final killing bite; a solid bite onto his head crushing his skull, but Ratonhnhaké:ton has other ideas.
Being smaller, younger, and more nimble, seeing his father's neck in the open he's aimed straight for it ready to sink his long fangs into the soft flesh to crush the windpipe and sever the jugular.
This fight will not end well... for either one I fear.

Now onto the basic information on what's what and why:

** For Connor/Ratonhnhaké:ton I figured since he's kind of half white (British) and half Kanien'kehá:ka (More specifically 'Mohwak' I believe, although I could be wrong) in the game I'd make him resemble more to that of a wolf hybrid mutt than an actual wolf. His marking also had to coincide with that of his 'father's' as well... hope it worked out well enough.
If anything you could call him an 'Indian dog' (basically mutt dogs with some wolf somewhere in them; incredibly smart but not very social).
I added in a few little tidbits from his clothes as a human being as it was requested by the commissioner, otherwise I'd of left them out.
(I honestly have no idea how he'd even put any of them on but oh well lol).
I didn't want to do what I've seen other people do; draw a wolf in Connor's clothes/Assassin robes.
So, instead I tried to do the design more around his personality, nationality, and then lastly his clothes; incorporating all these elements to make the design fit the character rather than the design just be an alternate form of the character.

** For Haytham he had to be big and strong so I made him something of a European Shepherd and Wolfhound (maybe Mastiff) mixed breed.
Pure dog, no actual wolf. I would have made him a pure breed but well, I didn't feel it would fitting to him.
His outfit was probably the hardest to translate into a viable coat pattern without it being... too 'out there' and unrealistic. Most of the more colourful colors from his human garments are found in his fancy collar; a small relic to show is more 'domestic' quality I guess?
Again, as with Ratonhnhaké:ton I didn't feel I should add too much 'human' items to him because it would just make it look atypical of the animalizing nature here. So, I simply designed everything to fit how I viewed Haytham-- Strong, sturdy, and infinitely classy.
As a human being he's pretty haughty but also genuine in both himself and his beliefs so there's no need to prance around like some high and mighty person.
Hence why I made him a mutt. He knows who he is and no one else can tell him what's what unless they truly know, right?
Although I will admit, his muzzle turned out a bit smaller than I wanted, but when it's closed it would be a bit shorter.

I was given full creative liberty as far as it goes with designing suitable canine representations of these two characters and honestly, I think I did a fairly decent job all things considered, haha!
I still haven't added in the shading but I was only paid to do flats for these guys. I'd of loved to add in shading but that'll be on my own time and for the sake of seeing what it'll look like.
No background as I wasn't told to make one. So it's stark white... I could have added an Animus type back ground but I wasn't paid for a BG soooo, just pretend :XD:

Anyway, as a final note I'm not one to animal-ize characters these days but I will admit it proves something of a challenge! It!
References were used.

Paint Tool SAI
Don't Use.
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CuriousThrillz Aug 2, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Clap Amazing!
Blackstreak1 Jul 23, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Whaaaaa!!!!! I never finished the game!!!  :iconforeveraloneplz:
Woah, amazing!
DeliriumdB Jul 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
In love with every bit of this. <3
Shi-Seikatsu123 Jul 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
how did you learn to draw canines really good? i seem to like your canine art a lot
CinemaWolf5 Jul 21, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Sooo AWESOME!!!! And wolf version of Assassins's creed3??? Is that it?
But still SOOOO COOL
GoldWolf128 Jul 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
this is so cool! :D
seiko-neko Jul 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
wooooow this is fuckin' aweeesssooommmeee *o* !!!!!!!!:squee: 

It appears someone is trying to claim your art as their own.
Where was that? I can't report anything if I don't know where  it is originally posted. Unless it's on Tinypic alone... in which case there's no way it'll get taken down 

Plus, I'm pretty sure that's not the only place this image was reposted/traced.... unfortunately tis the way of the internet and wolves. Many people with sticky little fingers in the 'fandom' :I 
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