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Sooo it happened AGAIN! Only this time it was a smaller (possibly male) little moth. It had camped out on my arm while I was laying around watching 'Mythbusters'. I went to go wipe off what I thought was a hair or a beetle and I felt a soft little body that moved. Needless to say I jumped a bit before looking to see another little visitor. Another little moth. This one was smaller than Frankie the 1st but it's wings weren't as tattered or ragged so I assume it may have been male. A male looking for a female, possibly Frankie herself... unfortunately =/ he was too late.
Anyhoot... so just like Frankie this little one took a liking to body warmth apparently... and soon began to pester me akin to a the fashion of it's predecessor. Fluttering about around my face/head/arms before landing on my chest for a while (I took a pic but it's blurry… here)
It was more active that Frankie though... she just kind of lazily flew about but this one was all over the place lol
This little one also had 2 antennae, Frankie the 1st only had one :c (poor dear).

Ah-hem!... I was a bit more adamant about getting this one to go outside the window because I didn't want the cats to get him OR have him die in my care as Frankie did. I'd sooner have this little one out in it's natural environment doing whatever moths do. However, as with Frankie the 1st, Frankie the 2nd just avoided leaving by walking around my hand 'licking' it with it's little proboscis, which would have made more sense if my hands were sweaty.
FINALLY after 14 tries (I kid you not) I had to lightly 'flick' this little guy off of my hand and out into the night air but once he was gone Frankie II was gone and I closed the window to ensure he didn't come back.
Clearly this was a moth on a mission and I wasn't about to let him die in my care when I could set him free.
Call me old fashioned but I believe in the 'catch and release' way of things... unless you're a centipede. Then.... you die. Sorry. Those things scare the willies out of me. *Shudders*
So yeah... 2 nights in a row I've been visited by these same moths. I don't know if they have a cluster nearby or what but this is odd. One clinging to me was enough so as much as I love sleeping with the windows open I'll have to not do it for a few nights I guess, at least until I can patch the hole they're coming in from, haha!
So there you go... Frankie II.
PS: Frankie the 1st was buried under the lilac bush in the yard with a little stone marker (it's just a stone coloured blue with marker lol). I'm aware that I am weird... let me be.

Just call me the freakin' moth whisperer :I


July 29th, 2013
I spent half the night chasing this silly little critter around my room trying to set it free outside... but she literally refused to leave.

Yes... I am aware this isn't 'art' but hey... it's still slightly entertaining. Besides, I'm working on some artwork anyway. I just have a little friend helping me now.
I'd delete or scrap this later.
Excuse the typos lol... Photoshop lags like a brat if I type fast :I
EDIT: I just noticed the poor little one only has one antennae :C It looks all loppy without the other but I admit, it does give her a quirky and cute appearance haha especially when she 'cleans' her head.
Damnit nature, why must you do this!?
EDIT 2: Apparently this little one is a female :3 and I've already named her Frankie :XD:
She's just sitting on the ceiling still ^^ I'll try and take her outside tomorrow and actually let her go at dusk. I hate to have her being stuck in here =/ it feels slightly unfair that she's stuck in a house when there's a whole world out there!
We shall see.
PS: Yes, my nails are neon yellow and orange lawl.
Don't judge me...

UPDATE: I tried to let her out again... she came back in and landed on the ceiling where she stayed there.
I left to go out with my cousin and I came home earlier today... and little Frankie had died =/ She must have passed away while I was out today... I came back and she was on the top of my frog tank, her legs tucked up to her body. I poked her and she didn't move.
:C Goodbye little Frankie :C
Yes... I am going to bury a moth.
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Moths are cute and I'd be okay with that unless they were crawling on me in my sleep. That would be to much >_<
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You're the moth whisperer. It's the only answer.
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Well, the one thing I know about moths is they have an amazing sense of smell... like, they can detect the tiniest amount of pheromone from another moth. Maybe you have a smell that is attractive to moths! I mean, mosquitoes will bite people preferentially based on their blood type and other smells, so you having a moth-attracting smell seems a plausible hypothesis. :P 
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