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May 31, 2013
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Re-posting this here for several reasons:
I'm currently commissioning someone for the character and they need the sheet.
It's a special and meaningful character to me.
Because I can.
People mentioned posting things like this ins but to be honest I HATE with a passion. It never works for me properly and I don't know if it's a glitch or just my page but all it does it reload over and over and over and over and over not allowing anything to be done so... I never use it.
Anyway, Self was also something of a little gateway into prodding other people to talk about their own dreamwalkers/brainchildren which is neat so... I thought to post it again. Plus what have I got to fear? Theft? I warned people not to do it and if they don't listen, they get reported. Simple as that. No drama, no hassle. My mark is on the image so... no sense in hiding things because they might get taken. Can't be too paranoid.

Some may remember this guy, others won't. Anyway, it's back :3

** Self is a brainchild, a dream entity that invades my dreams (often) and it's kind of like a... a... I don't know, mascot maybe? Guide?
Either way, I'd appreciate it if people did not use this character for things because isn't just a random character, it has special meaning to me.
Its design is pretty specific but it can and does change as time goes on and depending on the dream situation/scene/mood.
Sorry for the excess of 's in everything, I tend to use those to describe something I'm not sure about or something that's just theoretical or not definite like Self doesn't have 'eyes' per-say, more like empty sockets (think Jack Skellington, I guess?) and things like that. So the stuff in quotes is things I'm unsure of since this is a creature that changes appearances here and there in my mind.

It's not really a species either, so please do not ask to make one just like it.
Some kind of paranormal, odd, dream entity.
Still, it's a special character to me so please, keep your hands off.
It's not a wolf or a canine, it's not an animal. It looks like it has parts of one but as to what it is... I don't know. It just is what it is :XD: and this is how it often looks.
I call it 'Self' because I couldn't think of anything else to call it and that's what kept popping into my head so... that's it's name now. I don't know it's real name or if it even has one, haha! If it does have one it hasn't told me so, whatev's.

Stop using this character for your "Warrior Cats" RPs. In fact, stop using it for RPGs period. When I say DO NOT USE, I mean DO NOT USE. Self is MY character, not a free use character for anything. Have a bit of respect. I don't want to have to remove it from my page/gallery because people can't NOT use it.

SAI (photoshop for text)

EDIT: Yes, you can draw art of Self, but please do not duplicate it's looks like it's an adoptable species. As for gift art, send me a link to the drawing if you do draw Self?
Never imagined people asking to draw this thing, haha!
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SilverGoddess666 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Student General Artist
I don't comment very often, because I feel as if too many comments like the others begin to look like spam, but this one really intrigues me.

I have something of a brainchild, or rather, two. I rarely see them together, but something makes it vary clear to me that they are connected, related, and I'm not sure how I know, I just do. One tends to frighten me and it resembles something along the lines of a cobra, with a thin mane of long hair that trails down the length of its body, similar to the tail of yours. It has these strange tentacle-like things(think Slenderman) that act as some form of a hand/means of grabbing things. It's face has jaws like an alligator, but human-like features on the top half of its face. It tends to be a black or dark grey and the mane has been both dark blue and dark red, occasionally a combination of both. The eyes are blank, also much like yours, but it has a strange silvery glow that seems set deep within its head and anytime its mouth opens, the same glow is at the back of its throat. I can tell it has a malicious intentions, but it has never actually tried to harm me before, but it seems to come closer and closer, if only to frighten me, and I wake up before it gets overly close. It generally is only in one dream setting in any given night.

The other Is closer to what would be a dream walker, it will follow me if the setting of my dream will change. This one most closely resembles a crow, with what looks like a bone crest on its head with several long tendrils that trail away from it at random. It's body is usually a muted silver, not very reflective, but definitely having a metallic quality to it. It has been iridescent on occasion, but it is rare. The wings don't look very big when they are folded against its body, but when it outstretches them, they are actually quite large. The underside of them is a very reflective dark blue, with the tips of them nearly white. The legs remind me more of canine legs than bird legs, as they are more strongly muscled and have a short, coarse-looking fur on them. The feet transition into a darker fur that becomes long, and the only thing I can see beneath the long hair is the tips of ivory colored talons, but they aren't actually very sharp. They seem to be more for striking something with their blunt ends, rather than cutting or stabbing. It's beak is short and strong, the tip coming down into a sharp point, but I don't think it was intended to be a weapon. It's eyes are like a reverse of the other's, a light glow with a dark shadow within their depths. The inside of its mouth in the same as well, the back of the throat casting a shadow on its tongue a bit, while the rest of the mouth can emit quite a bit of light. This one greatly reminds me of the forest spirits from Princess Mononoke, and has no desire to harm me in any way. I also think this is why I consider it to be a dream walker, as it will follow, or guide, me through a number of different dream setting, often staying with me until I wake up.

Both seem to be gender neutral, but I have sometimes gotten the vague impression the birdlike one was female. I am unsure of how true this is, and the serpentine one is rather elusive in this aspect.

I call them Yin and Yang, but they have true names that I have not been told(They don't really speak to me, more so I feel what they are trying to tell me). They are almost completely different, but the way their eyes and mouths are reverses of one another is what seems to tie them, and is the reason I called them Yin and Yang. I can't ever remember not having seen them, but they don't appear as often as one would think, only making appearances once a month at most. I've never really tried to draw them before, but it was nice to see yours, I like them. I may draw them one day, but for now, they will stay in my head.
Running-and-Sabu Featured By Owner May 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
aw man. pretty much everyone is saying they have a "dream Child" of some sort. I don't and i feel left out XD. I do have many dreams that have stayed in my head for a very long time. But still, i'd love to have a dream entity of some sort, dreams are very important to me, probably the only thing i find sacred ouo.
tigressthewolfgoddes Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think Self is  cool. I thought It's head looked like a skull but that's just me lol
Seppukrow Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
It's quite disturbing to look at knowing what this really is. You're pretty brave to get a closer look at it.
Darkstar9 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
piggysxdoxfly Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
 What's a dream jumper? 
Darkstar9 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Erm... Have you ever heard of the term "dream walkers"?
Dream Jumpers are something like that, only not human. They're almost like chimeras, in a way. They're literally fragments of any creature mixed together to walk the world of dreams. They absorb emotions and dreams.
tigressthewolfgoddes Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If we are on a Spirituality term here, Dream-Walking is kind of challenging to accomplish. But, in other terms it makes sense if NijaKato Astral Travels to the Spirit Realm ( Astral Realm, I call it a number of things ) and sees Self there. In the Astral/Spiritual World there can be some really demonic or screwed-up or scary looking creatures there. If Self follows her/him in their dreams it is possible Self is a Guardian or Guardian Angel of some sort. Some people create creatures somehow through their mind, usually while unconscious. For reasons, i dont really know, but I can guess so they feel safer or more secure on one level or another. If Self isn't following her for that reason then I could guess it probably wants something or was sent to warn her about things that might happen. Not to set anxiety off, but it could be a Reaper of sorts. From my knowledge people see reapers as black beings with skulls that look kind of human-like. But, in all reality they could likely take different shapes. - Reaper uncontinued - If Ninja doesn't feel fear of Self then it may as well be a Guardian or Companion *shrug*
Darkstar9 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well said! :D
Yes, I spoke with her a bit. I was quite panicked when I did, but she was very gracious to me and I do believe she knows how to handle herself and I realize I should have waited until I was calmer to speak with her about it. >.<
MurkyVisions Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Student General Artist
I wonder: Do you fear 'Self' when it appears in your dreams? Its appearance is quite unsettling, but I know that in dreams the most unsettling things sometimes don't cause any fear for some reason. (Just as sometimes in dreams things that aren't scary can frighten you very much.)
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