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August 17, 2013
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I did this during the Livestream tonight as a means to stave off art block as well as pass some times... I was going to work on a commission but the person the commission is for didn't come (for a reason)... so... I just did this.

They're meant to be foxes but admittedly N'su (the bottom one) looks nothing like a fox other than that bloody tail.
I didn't reference of anything (which I should have) as I more or less wanted to try and envelop that 'flowing' quality my sketches seem to have into my line art... which tends to make things stiff and bleh.
Joaquim (up top) looks kind of foxy... he's supposed to be a kitfox so he should be smaller than N'su.
N'su is just a red fox (but he's a slate blue phase or something)... His face bugs the shit out of me. I should have made his muzzle smaller... and his eyes... fuck.
They're both TOO LEGGY for foxes but I don't draw foxes often without referencing so... no wonder the anatomy is fucked up.

Originally I wasn't going to draw them together in a pose, they were just on the same sheet more or less, but it appeared Joaquim was about to pounce on N'su... so I posed them back as such :XD: Only now it looks like someone is going to lose some tail foof.

I'm not pleased with how this all came out =/ Kind of bummed about it but oh well, it was 'fun' more or less. I rarely draw foxes even though I have like 5 fox characters :I When I do draw them they're just sketches so they look better.
I'm going to go lay down... my head is really pounding for some reason -_-;;; I had fun with the streaming, sorry if I seemed antisocial this time; I didn't/do not feel very well today. I thought a stream would help (and it did) but I still feel kind of awful so...


Don't Use.

PS: Yes, Joaquim fox is the other embodiment of Joaquim the Assassin -- No, he doesn't turn into a fox. The fox version of him actually came first and ~ChameleonBot and I made him into an Assassin just because we could... They're kind of two separate characters but one in the same if that makes sense.
Ummmn yeah...
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AlphaNightstorm Oct 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I love this piece. they are so cute.
KakitaTKM Sep 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This. Is fantastic. I absolutely love it. The expressions and postures are just so beautifully done, and so is the style! The blue wolfs expression! He looks so happy and chirpy!
I love your work! Adore it!
Hmm, DarkWolf312 stole this from you?:…
BlackRavenShadow Aug 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist
beautiful o.o
Grox-12 Aug 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool two foxes!!! I like black fox^^
Nice skills. Amazing lines.
That's really cool
amazing art is amazing
I love, love, love that fox on the bottom!  Such great work!  That's the kind of look I have been thinking of for a super hero canine team I have in my head.  I like the drawings I have done of them, but I think if you did them in your style it would be great too!
I love your art! I love the way you draw the expressions, muzzles and noses. The colour and shading are just phenomenal! I just love your style! :D
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