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October 30, 2013
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I told you guys I was redesigning Ichabod... And the little brown kitten looking thing is Katt, a burlap puppet with a soul. 
Something... Halloween-y :pumpkin: 

Mouse, MS Paint, and Paint Tool SAI.
This was a fateful reminder as to why I don't work with a mouse... it took FOREVER :stare: HOW DO YOU MOUSE USERS DO IT?!!?! 

**Animated version:

:new: UPDATE: Added/Adding some information!

Ichabod: I know pumpkin headed cats aren't too original, more so plain black ones with orange pumpkins on their heads, and with a Halloween theme no less.
So, as a chiddler to make him a bit 'different' Ichabod is more blue-black (or purple depending on the lighting). I also added the shackle collar and wrap to his tail to give him a few items to put him apart from the others out there (assuming there's a ton, haha!)
He's also thin as a rail and bony since he couldn't/can't eat. Obviously he's dead (you don't live very long without eating y'know...) but due to the cursed pumpkin on his head (which conveniently was found in the garden of a wily witch) he lives on and on and on... I'd guess he's about 200 years old, give or take? 
Anyway, for those wondering the shackle collar got stuck on before the pumpkin and he himself put that bandage on his tail... after it was run over by a carriage wheel; bones sticking out and all, looked dreadful.
The pumpkin never rots (as it's cursed, hurhur) but it does change colour from white to orange from time to time. 
Inside the pumpkin Ichabod's head is well... rotted. Being stuck in a humid and organic place for such a long time after death amplified decomposition so while he still has a skull and some skin and eyes, he's got no fur and it's all gooey and nasty. He's come to understand that with the pumpkin on his head he'll remain alive and has grown quite fond of wandering the streets throughout the ages, witnessing history as it happens. 

He's not much of a talker (obviously) and he isn't evil or malicious, in fact he's very friendly; a trait he kept since his living days. Most people run from seeing a moving jack-o-lantern so Ichabod doesn't get much interaction from people. Occasionally the brave child will pat him on the head before being called off by their mum. 
He hasn't much of an issue holding that great big pumpkin up since it is for the most part 'magical'. To be honest physics really don't apply for this guy anyway so, haha! We won't get into how he holds up that great orange gourd on that spindly little neck of his. When he walks you can usually hear the jingle-jangle of the 2 remaining chain-links on the shackle collar which in some morbid way resembles a bell. 
Despite being dead he doesn't smell bad, in fact it's said his fur smells sort of like burnt wood and cloves (not clover). As to whether or not this has anything to do with the enchanted pumpkin is unknown. He's a corpse that doesn't stink, hooray!
Sadly Ichabod doesn't have many friends, mostly acquaintances, since he's undead and everyone who isn't...dies. Still, he's a friendly bone bag that will come lollygagging about when called for a good pat on the back or a scritch between the shoulders. You'd have no difficultly finding them either ;P 
Oh, he avoids pumpkin patches for good reason... he's been mistaken for harvest a few times and needless to say scares the willies out of farmers when they hear a screeching yowl as he's plucked up from the ground by accident. He may be friendly but he'll slap you a good one if you pick him up by his pumpkin 'head'. Not sure if it hurts or it's pride of being picked up by ones head... either way, don't do it. He gets mad. 

The expression on the pumpkin itself mimics his own feelings at the time, however sometimes it mimics wrong and it'll give a frown when he's happy or a smile when he's mad (and not that kind of mad)... The pumpkin is cursed but it's not quite that sentient. The 'glow' it emits during darkness comes from another enchantment which was a reversal of a protection spell by use of a black candle. The candle isn't there anymore (obviously replaced by a cat's head) but the glow remains. 
When Ichabod does get 'killed' such as being hit by a car, stepped on, falling off something high, stabbed, etc. the glow goes out until the curse of eternal life takes hold and he's brought back to life again. 
His main friend is Katt, a little Burlap sack puppet that doesn't talk but mirrors his every move as best it can. 
OH, I made the collar purple here on accident to be honest, I thought it was going to be more pink (for October) but for some reason MS Paint glitched on that and wouldn't let me edit. Still, it's meant to be a rusty silver.

Katt: The Burlap puppet with a soul. Created by a Swedish toy maker Katt was meant to be a specialty antique piece of decor for the mantle of a little girl's room. However, when the little girl (Emily) saw the little creation she became so enamoured with it she named it and carried it everywhere with her. With the name came life and a soul and soon in the middle of the night Katt began to come alive and wander about the mantle. One night Emily awoke to the sound of a clatter and saw movement on the mantle. thinking it was a mouse she got up to investigate only to find Katt dangling from the end of the shelf almost ready to fall into the embers below. Emily caught the little toy and upon realizing it was indeed alive she coddled it to her heart like a real kitten. She never told anyone but from that moment on despite already being close the two were inseparable. 
Sadly, at the age of 10 Emily came down with Scarlet fever and the illness took her just a few days later. Katt stayed by her side on her pillow, immobile in fear of the family that visited Emily until the moment of her death. 
Having been so close to her when the illness took her Emily's nursemaid sewed patches of red to symbolize the toy had been contaminated by the 'Scarlet' fever to warn passing children before throwing it out in to rubbish. 

Katt laid in the muck, dirt, and grime, saddened before wandering off aimlessly. What was a poor little toy to do? With the mark of illness no child wanted Katt and parents would throw the little toy aside the moment their child picked it up to show them calling it filthy and cursed with sickness. 
Finally Katt took shelter in an abandoned storefront where it sat immobile for a long time collecting dust and falling apart at the seams. That was until one day a strange black cat wandered in with it's head stuck in a pumpkin, he was seeking rest and refuge from the cold. At first the two avoided one another but soon Katt investigated and Ichabod (as the black cat called himself) grew attached to the little puppet for company. Ichabod held no fear of illness even if it was human alone since he was already dead and Katt found a kindred spirit and a friend, not to replace Emily but to stave off the missing her. 
From that moment on the two eternal bodies remain close. 
Katt has remained the same in design and story since 2009 (same time I made Ichabod) and despite gaining another patch (a red patch on the left shoulder) making it 2 (one on the head as well) Katt's colour is the groddy brown of Burlap and although it sounds itchy the material is actually quite soft and pliable. 

Katt is pose-able and movable due to a tin armature with joints under a stuffing of cotton and wool for the body. It's sewn together with a twine like material which is a tan colour but there's some black and darker colour bits from patching up loose seams over the years. 
I'm going out on a limb here to say that Ichabod (being a cartoon and all) could possibly patch up Katt's holes by sewing them shut with magic but who knows... Again, physics isn't a strong presence here with this lot ;P

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ChessWolf Dec 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Using a mouse is hard, but we get used to it. You learn to use your hand like a pen would. all of the works i upload are mouse drawn    *besides older ones and traditinal ones, duh :XD:* i hate to bug you but do you think you could look at my drawings and tell me what you think? please keep in mind im 12 and use a mouse doe XD
Us mouse users just practice, all of the drawings that I post on my account are mouse-drawn.
VioletteStar20 Nov 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow! I have never seen art like this!
Divine-Marshal Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I fell in love with the line art x3
Xendria101 Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's the perfect picture for halloween. To me, I still think it's orginal.
Wtf is this? Are you kidding me?  this is  the worst artwork ever!
thats all you have bitch?
FUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUUF GO DIES INN A HOLE MOTHERD FUCKERD|!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Im acting like a annoying commenter so please forgive my annoyiness.] Your art is beautiful.
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